April 29, 2019


Fear and self-doubt! 

We live in a world where no matter what we do, we will always be judge, pointed out and criticized. Whether it is about something good or bad, having a reminder of who we really are as an individual and trademarking it in ourselves is not only healthy but also self-motivational.   

We all dream, we all hope, and we all want something in life. Us human beings have the power to create, change and adjust to anything. So the real question is, do we believe in that? While walking around the neighborhood of Long Island City, NY a few weeks ago, I reminded myself of the famous Pepsi-cola sign. When standing by the sign, my wondering self couldn't stop wondering about trademarking. Working in branding and marketing local businesses in my local area, this topic really got me questioning a lot about my business and even on myself.

Like any business, trademarking unique creations is important. As a business owner myself, I think of my business as a human being, a child I have to take care of and maintaining the reputation of it is my job. Which got me questioning, can us human beings trademark ourselves? Turned out, we all already have! The moment we were named, that was the moment we trademarked ourselves in this world. Since then, it has been our job to maintain our own name's reputation and future. Whether we want to make changes to it, adjust it or anything, we can! Unfortunately, there are times we forget that we are the owners of our own trademark and we allow others to effect it by worlds and other little things. It can sometimes be hard to ignore but we have to remind ourselves we are more than we think we are, we are our own powerplant and we are our own trademark. 

Recently, the closer I feel in reaching a goal, for some reason I doubt myself in what I'm doing. Memories of past situations, worlds and phrases hunt me down in dreams and life situations all come together in one thing, fear! Not fear in life, not fear in people, but fear in myself. Reminding myself that I'm worth more than what people say, reminding myself that I am where I am today because of myself and my creations are something I will never let anyone take from me. I am the owner of myself, and I have trademarked myself in being myself today and always. Now my question for you is, Are you self-trademarked? That's all for today, I hope everyone enjoys this outfit look editorial and I'll see you all on my next post!


Zara Navy Blue/Red Sweater 

Zara White Pants 

Levi's Sneakers 

H&M Grey Aviator Glasses 

Coming Soon

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