May 13, 2019

Sometimes, Think Something Else!

The power of overthinking!

If you would ask me how many times I had to rewrite this editorial, the answer would be like six times. Not because the subject was bad or because I couldn't think of anything when it came to writing it, but because I couldn't stop overthinking of the subject. 

Our brains work in wonderful ways, sometimes it can be helpful, sometimes not so much. I'm at a point in my life where the world can sometimes feel like a lot of pressure and thinking of just one idea and sticking with it can be overwhelming as much as it is to be holding them back. Nowadays, having to think about our work, social life, personal life and everything around us has become a day to day routine to the point that it can make us feel like we have everything under control or for some, just make us look crazy.

The last few months, I have been dealing with what I like to call " a self-conflict". A battle between myself and the new things I have been doing for the last few months. Though they have been projects I always dreamed of creating and work on, something within myself has been making it harder to focus on them. Fighting myself to not affect my goals with doubt and fear has not only been making me physically tired but also a bit depressed. At first, I tried to find the problem of my situation but once again, even trying to figure that out was making the situation even worse. Because of that, I decided to focus on the things that bring me joy, like my work. 

While shopping for clothes for my brother, I came across this sweater with the phrase "Sometimes, Think Something Else". That gave me the reminder that we the power to control our thoughts. We are the drivers of our own car and with that being said, it was time to drive it. Though it hasn't been easy, I do appreciate the reminder I got from this phrase on this sweater, that I ended up purchasing. 

Now, here I am wearing this inspiring sweater doing a few things I enjoy doing, like grabbing a few items from Starbucks, writing about my beautiful weird life, and can't forget about styling my outfit look editorials. That's all for today, I hope you all enjoy this post and look and I'll be seeing you all on my next post! 


H&M Sweater 

Forever 21 Black and White Pants 

H&M Light Brown Sneakers 

Vintage Grey Aviator Glasses 

Coming Soon

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