June 24, 2019

Who Am I?

Proud of being ME!

A few days ago, I was asked a question that really had me wondering a lot about myself. Since we are in the month of June, which is considered Pride Month,  I decided to not only celebrate my pride spirit with this editorial but also to be creative in answering that question in my own unique way.

"Who the f**k do you think you are?", was the question I was asked a few hours after I confronted and questioned someone about their not so good behavior. Though the question was asked through a text message, I refused to answer the question at the moment and kindly asked for this misunderstanding to be solved in person. Unfortunately, it was never made possible thanks to those blocking features. It didn't stop me from answering the question. Who the f**k do I think I am? Let me break it down into six parts.

1) We all have been gifted a life, though sometimes it can be seen as hard and even cruel, for the most part, life is a beauty. Often confused by society, I’ve learned, those two are completely different things. We choose the life we want to live, we choose the things we want to do, yet society can get on the way of some of those choices. I've been blessed to live a life where I have often been understood, accepted, and also have the ability to be creative and be myself from a start. 

2) But nothing has come easy either. I might be able to control and choose most of the things in my life, but there are a lot of things I can't control. Nor do I want to. Unfortunate this lesson took a little to understand and though I still consider myself to be in the healing process of mistakes I have caused in the past. These experiences have thought me that it is okay to let go of things and even though sometimes people might point fingers at others, trying to understand your actions and others can be a way of healing. 

3) Every day is a different day, yet sometimes it might not feel like it, the day you decided to make it a different one, that's the day you'll see them change. Is like the sunlight after a storm, right when you thought everything was odd in your life, it will soon make sense at some point. Because of that, I have been open-minded about the things happening around me. Asking myself what lessons I have learned from previous experiences and trying to make the best of future experiences even if they're bad or might make me uncomfortable.

4) Growing up, I wasn't a big fan of being out in nature as much as I do today. Ever since I started focusing in expending more time outdoors, enjoying outdoor activities, or just taking a breath in an open field, not only helps me ground myself back to reality but also helps me get back a sense of self-confidence. 

5) For a part of my life, I was known for having a bad temper. I often thought I was the right one in an argument, little things would fire me up and even people close to me were starting to fear of me because they would afraid I wouldn't take things on a serenity level. That was the moment I realized something wasn't right. Ever since, I decided to work on managing my emotions, especially my temper. Though it took some time, even to this day I'm still working on managing them. It has been life-changing not only for me but for those I care about. 

6) Since the beginning of this year, I have been getting myself closer and more educated with what I like to consider my inner angel/spirit. A few events have occurred in the last few months that can still be considered questionable, but in those events, I have been told to keep my focus. Which has been a great reminder of my current goals and also motivation in keeping myself dedicated to my career which has been my main goal for almost a year now! In addition to focusing on other aspects of my life. 

I ain't perfect and I know I have hurt and caused some uncomfortable situations in my past and I'm sure I will be making more throughout my life. One more thing I can say about me besides being creative, understandable, open-minded, grounded, caring, and dedicated, I'm being the best of ME!


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