September 4, 2019



After spending the mayory of the summer season out in Long Island, we are happy to be back in this amazing city we like to call the city of dreams. This month, not only are we happy to be back in our city, we are inspired by the energy this city brings to everyone within it. 

Some may say New York City is the capital of the world, and they are not wrong. This city has so much to offer, see and many things to be achieved. Spending the summer season out in Long Island was amazing and relaxing, but being back in the city, brings back that possibly work energy we need to start of our busy lives.

While looking around for images for this post, it took us back to a time where all we wished for, was for one day be able to visit this amazing city. Fast forward to today, these images bring us joy and a proud feeling of our achievements. Also a great reminder of our future goals and dreams. There's a phrase that says "surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious" and being in this city, that's exactly what we reflect. 

But enough been said, below are a few images we collected of this amazing city to inspired all of us of the beauty and power this city has. We hope all you enjoyed this post as much as we did in creating it and we'll see you all on our next post! 

** Photos were found on Tumblr. If you are or know some who owns them & would like Javiortiz.com to take them down, please feel free to contact us (Contact) **

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