September 7, 2019

Rainy Shadow

NYFW S/S 2020: Day 1!

Another season of New York fashion week is here again! As tradition for many years now, I like to start off the season by wearing one of my outstanding fedora hats. This time not only this hat was a key accessory for my outfit look, but also useful one thanks to a rainy day in New York City!

As usual, New York fashion week is one of my busiest week of the entire year. From early mornings to late nights, running around from show to show and trying to look decent while at it is not as easy as many people think, but somehow I managed. For my first actual day of this season it was no different. Starting with my first show of the day at 9am I won’t lie it was no fun skipping breakfast but well worth it. 

Don’t get me wrong, for me fashion week is a week to market your talent, creativity and innovation. Not to mention to get inspired by the amazing collections and people around you. But for some reason I feel like this season people attending the shows now are just straight up ignorant. I’ve been attending fashion week after fashion week for the last 5 years. And each year, I tend to meet less and less people because people don’t want to socialize or even talk to anyone. Worst part of it all, is that these people aren’t even part of anything huge. Nothing wrong with that but big egos with small businesses doesn’t really add up in my world. Unfortunately now a days, most shows are filled with those kind of people. Which got me asking myself a simple question, is New York Fashion Week completely dying? I guess only time will tell. 

For this outfit look, I decided to embrace the tradition of starting fashion week season by wearing one of my most famous accessories, a fedora hat. This season, I went with a light grey fedora hat which I purchased early summer season and kept it on hold just for this occasion. I decided to pair this light grey fedora hat with an all black outfit look because I really wanted the fedora hat to stand out the most. Since still technically summer season, I picked this black shirt with a longer v-neck line. Lucky for me, I check the weather broadcast a week or so before the day and saw rain broadcast for the day. This was the perfect first look and weather appropriate. 

I would like say my first day of this season of fashion week has been the most productive one compared to other previous seasons. Happy to say everything was published and done according to schedule. Looking forward the next few days, outfits and shows. That’s all for now and I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow on my second day of New York Fashion Week recap. 


Zara Black Shirt 

 Zara Black Pants 

ASOS Light Grey Loafers 

Vintage Light Grey Fedora Hat 

Rue 21 Black Sunglasses 

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