November 28, 2019

Things I'm Thankful For In 2019

Thanksgiving Special Editorial

2019 has been a really interesting year so far. Even though there's still a month left of it, it has for sure made a mark in my life in many ways.  On this Thanksgiving Day, I would like to be thankful for a few things. 

Compare to the last few thanksgiving posts I've done in previous years, this year I decided to be more open and not only be thankful for my family, friends, all the things many of us take for granted and some aren't lucky enough to have, such a roof above their heads, food, and clean water. But I'm mostly thankful for life! Not going to lie, life has been a bitch lately and even just saying that feels a bit uncomfortable. As uncomfortable it might feel, I have to be realistic and honestly, life has been really kind to me even when I feel like it is trying to ruin me in a way or another. Things I thought it could never happen to me, somehow did. When this year started, I told myself to just go with the flow of life and believe me when I say it has been an adventure. Though thinking rationally, I've been through shit this year, but somewhat within the mess surrounding me, I somehow have been able to accomplish and start working towards many of my life goals.

As I continue to try to keep my mind focus on the bright side of things, at the end of the day, I'm happy to be alive, happy to be at where I am and I'm happy with the people surrounding me every day. And just like that, I'm thankful for life! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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