December 11, 2019

Design Shades: Blue

Heavenly Blues

When it comes to decorating a house or office, there are a lot of options for colors, textures, and even sizes, but there's always a color that is normally easy to work with and that color is the color blue. For our last Design Shades post, we are going to help you incorporate the color blue into your home or office. 

The color blue is commonly defined as a "boy" color but in reality, the color blue has a lot of different meanings and purposes when it comes to a house or office. The color blue can be calm, warm, sometimes can give a bigger feeling to any room. Whether the color blue is used on the walls or as part of the accessories, you can always count on this color to create a statement. Below are a few images we collected on how others have incorporated the color blue into their living or office spaces. This will help you get inspired and give you more options on how to incorporate this color yourself.

As we mentioned before, this is our last Design Shades post. We are ending this segment after almost four years, eighteen colors and many many inspirational images and designs. To make this post extra special, we decided to make it about our favorite color, which you might have guess, is the color blue. We hope everyone enjoys this post and we'll see you all on our next post. 

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