December 4, 2019



As the end of the 2019 approaches, we have decided this would also be a great time to end this amazing segment that has been inspiring us each month for the last five years. But no tears left to cry,  endings can be both emotional and inspiration too. 

Relationships can end, friendships can end, our favorite food can end, everything can end at some point. Sorry if this sounds kind of depressing, but just because something ended, doesn't mean everything stops there. As we approach the end of the year, we can only take with us the memories and experiences the year has brought us and count on making fresh new ones in the following year. Till then, we have a lot to celebrate. Whether it was a good or bad year, we have to be reminded that we are wiser today than we were yesterday. That's enough reason to celebrate life, ourselves and just a reason to have fun.

For this last Inspiration Wall post, we have been inspired by new year's celebrations because endings not always have to be sad and boring. We might be ending a few of our segments but we are really excited to soon share with you all, all of our new segments and shows. Below are a few inspiring photos we have found on the internet to put us all on an exciting celebration mood. From champaign to fireworks, or simply just listening to fun music and having a drink at home can be a great way to enjoy and have a good time. It is all about letting go and embracing what the future might hold. That's all for our last Inspiration Wall, thank you for keeping this segment running for this long and we'll see you all on our new future posts. 

** Photos were found on Tumblr. If you are or know some who owns them & would like Javiortiz.com to take them down, please feel free to contact us (Contact) **

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