December 6, 2019



The holiday season has arrived and nothing says holiday season more than feeling cozy, comfortable and stylish.  Bright up the holiday season with this cozy toned holiday outfit look inspired by the holiday season. 

It is no secret the holiday season can be both fun and tiring but regardless, your outfit should always be on point. For this holiday-inspired outfit look, we decided to pick this striped sweater with neutral colors from NN07. Not only you will be embracing some color but still maintaining that sophisticated and elegant style we love during the holidays. Continuing matching the colors on the sweater, we picked these burgundy Lardini wool trousers. As well as this beige wool coat from Mr.P. These two items together make the perfect equation to equal that fancy look we all love.

For accessories, we picked these leather dressy shoes from Edward Green, these dark square-frame sunglasses from Dick Moby and a light wool scarf from Acne Studios. We wanted to keep the accessories simple to give this look a more sharp and clean look. And to help blend all the neutral colors of this look. You can wear this outfit basically anywhere, from a casual day in town to even a holiday party.  

We hope everyone like this outfit look, we also would like to announce that this is our last SWJV Men Look post for this segment. As the end of the year approaches, we have decided to end a few of our segments to give us more time to work and experiment with other new segments for the new year.     If you want to check out all of our previous SWJV outfits looks, you can click here. That's all for now and we'll see you all in our next post! 


Edgar Striped Wool Sweater 

Oversized Double-Breasted Virgin Wool Coat 

Dick Moby
Warsaw Square-Frame Tortoiseshell Acetate Sunglasses 

Skinny-Fit Mélange Wool Trousers 

Edward Green
Borrowdale Textured-Leather Wing-Tip Brogues 

Acne Studios
Canada Fringed Wool Scarf

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