December 30, 2019

What A Year '19!

2019 Year Recap!

Wow, I can't believe 2019 has officially come to an end. Not sure if I'm the only one but 2019 felt like it never happened. So many unreal things occurred but yet, I'm blessed for all the experiences and opportunities it brought. Let's take a look back at what happened during 2019.

January - The year was starting and as usual, updates needed to be made. Looking for inspiration I found myself visiting my dream neighborhood in New York City, The Upper East Side. Though I didn't really make any new year's resolutions for the year, I decided to just go with the flow of life and hope for the best. During this month, I also decided to start working on creating a new campaign for JV Studios. January is always a busy work month for myself and I think that's a great way to start of any year.

February - When it comes to February, a lot of people think of Valentine's Day, but for me, I think of fashion week. Not only is the first season of the year, but is also a great way to show off my new style. For this past February,  I decided to bring back the fedora hat which has been my style statement since my first fashion week ever. Not only I had a blast to be invited to attend a lot more shows than any other season, I felt accomplished by having all my posts published on time. Now that a new year is approaching, I'm excited to play with my style and start a new season again. 

March - Every year, I create a yearly campaign for Javiortiz.com and this year I was inspired by my own creativity and creations. Sometimes we forget what we have and what we have accomplished in our lives so far. For me, I have created a platform where I can be creative and myself. It has been an accomplishment I never even thought of accomplishing but I'm grateful for what I have done. Inspired by my own creations, I focused major time on a new creation during this month. Though it was a bit stressful, it made me excited about what the upcoming months were about to be. 

Photo: The Creation

April - The month of April was all about last-minute adjustments and planning. Preparing myself for a very eventful May, I needed to be reminded to take breaks. This might sound crazy to some people, but working from home isn't as fun as many imagine. It is all about self-control, time management, and somehow knowing the difference between work and personal life. And balancing all this at once can be difficult since I tend to just focus on work for days and even months straight. Though I'm still struggling to find this balance, I decided to give it a try during this month.

May - The month of May is usually my busiest and most meaningful month for me. A lot of personal events have occurred during this month, events that have marked in all aspects of my life. And this year, May extra special since I decided to open my new company called JV Studios. Though everything was exciting, negative thoughts made decisions a bit hard to make. Focusing on the positive, I learned that we have the power to think, dream and manage our thoughts even when sometimes we think we don't. 

June - June was like a rollercoaster, and I would say this was the month where I learned to put limits on what I want around my life by reminding me of what I want, who I want to be and who I currently am. Creating my most-viewed post of the year, turning a negative experience into something positive has been one of the most successful tricks of my success. Not to mention, a lesson to take away from this year.

Photo: Who Am I?

July- Oh summer season! There's no secret I love warm weather, and I love taking advantage of the season to enjoy it as much as possible. This past July, I decided to take the month off to enjoy the summer season and take a break for all the work put in in the previous months. Sorry for missing out on the posting but it was needed.

August - As mostly everything good in life, it must come to an end. That's right, after taking a few weeks off to enjoy the summer season, it was time to head back to work. This time I decided to make a come back by sharing my engagement. That's right, I am engaged but not your typical kind of engagement, so I recommend you to read the post if you haven't done so to understand. 

Photo: The Promise

September - After a busy and successful last season of the fashion week, it came time to make a life-changing decision. Though this decision has taught me a lot about myself and it also taught me a lot about people and their willingness to stay by your side. I'm glad I did what I did and can't wait to share with all my new place which I'm happy to call home now.

Photo: Island Boy

October - Sometimes things don't work as we always planned them to. During this month, I decided to take a break from this site to give my whole focus on my new company JV Studios. Crazy to think of the number of adjustments and changes I made to what I thought it was the perfect system, but thankful for getting to experience and try out new business strategies and programs. 

November - This will definitely be a month to remember since I got to experience what I would call an injustice. Sometimes you might think you are at a safe place, but that place can sometimes be surrounded by your worst nightmare. Keeping it moving and staying on the positive, during this month I also got to meet amazing souls in which I'm happy to call friends to this day.

December - After a few weeks of good and bad experiences, I decided to focus on what I do best, work. Though I took those two last months to focused on JV Studios and my personal life, I needed to stay busy and get my mind into positive and inspirational thinking. Coming out with my December editorial, it reminded me why I enjoy what I do and really got me thinking of what adjustments to make for the new year ahead. 

Photo: Early Winter

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