January 1, 2020

Happy New Year '20

Time To Celebrate!

A new year has started and we have many reasons to celebrate. Not only we're celebrating making it through another year but also celebrating the beginning of a new year full of new segments, looks, and who knows, maybe a new store. Only time will tell but we are excited about what the new year might unfold. 

Nothing says "I'm ready for you" than by starting off the year with a special editorial. In previous years, I would end the year by posting my new year's editorial on the 31st and posting my year recap on the 1st. But this time I decided to do things differently and do everything at where it belongs. Celebrating the beginning of this new year has to feel unreal because I can't believe another decade has flown by. In almost two years, we will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary. Okay, let me not get too much ahead of myself and let's focus on enjoying right now, a new year, a new decade and hopefully, a new us. Happy new year everyone!

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