January 20, 2020


Moi = Me

For this year's first outfit look editorial, I've been inspired by my future self. As a new year has begun, I've been thinking a lot about my current life and what I would like my life to be in the near future. From wearing jeans to speaking french, here are a few things I would like to improve in my life.

Some people might call it new year's resolutions because of the time this post was published but honestly, it is never too late to make any kind of adjustments. It is hard to achieve something in life without being able to make improvements along the way. I'm happy by the way my life currently is and I'm very proud of who I have become as a person, but yet there are a lot of things I need to work on, adjust and try out.

Within the last few months, I've taken the risk of giving my heart and soul to work on projects I never saw myself doing. I have learned so much about people, the business, and enough about myself to be able to see the gaps I'm missing in my personal and professional life. Gaps that are easily planned but hard to take into action. One of them is to find love with the things I do. This might be shocking to some of you because I've been very public about how blessed I am for having a job where I get to share my passion and creations. But sometimes I get lost within the process, forget the reasons, inspiration and start feeding myself with doubt. Though some have said this is just the natural process of how things work, I would like to dedicate some time to start believing more on myself and trust my instance. 

Another gap I have noticed is my education. The career I have established for myself so far requires me to be on top of fashion trends, the latest computer programs, and etc. But there a lot of other things I want to accomplish within my life and one of them is to be a chef. I want to go to culinary school and also get my Ph.D. in marketing. It might sound like a lot but recently I've received an offer that might open a window for me to be able to work on one of these dreams while still being able to work on my current career. But only time will determine this decision. I've had the opportunity to volunteer and work with amazing chefs from different restaurants and learn from amazing marketing firms in the past. For now, I would like to focus on volunteering more and hopefully, soon I'll be able to make those two dreams a reality. 

Being in the world of fashion requires a lot of keeping up and though I live in one of the most fashionable places in the world - New York City, Paris is calling my name. I will always love New York, but I have always dreamed of living in Paris for a few years. That's why I have decided to start working on my french again and finding a way to make the move across the pond within the next few years. Learning a new language is hard and I'm not expecting to learn everything at once, but I am currently teaching myself through learning programs and with the help of my French-speaking friends. 

For this editorial, I wanted to showcase a few things I would like to try out more of while still keeping some of the things I currently love. Because changes don't have to be about everything as a whole. Those close to me, know that I love silky Cuban collar shirts. I remember a few years ago, I made the decisions of owning many of them, and now I own one in every color. This also was an easy way to prove myself that I'm capable to make any changes I want. It also led me to make the decision to try to add more jeans to my personal style. For many years, I wasn't a fan of jeans. I do own a few pairs and wear them here and there, but recently, I have gotten more in the idea of wearing them more than once every six months. That's why I decided to wear a classic pair of Calvin Klein jeans for this editorial. Why the photos are black and white you might ask? Because I can't see exactly the colors of the future but I can start with a draft. That's all for now and I'll see you all on my next post.

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