January 10, 2020

Month Favorites #2

April to December 2019

It has been a while since my first Month Favorites video, but better late than never right? I have gather seventh of my most used items from the month of April to this past December and I'm happy to be back to share them with you all. Here are my Month Favorites #2! 

1. Rue 21 Sunglasses - We all have that one pair of sunglasses we can all rely on and for me, are these Rue 21 orange aviator sunglasses. I keep them on my to-go-to bag and they are always available when I need them. The best part about them is the fact that they are affordable and don't have to worry about losing them or if they break. But according to the amount of time I have them for, they aren't going anywhere anytime soon.  

2. ASOS Black Slip Loafers - After getting these slip loafers early this year, it was no wonder that I would fall in love with these in an instant. But once summer started, I was not expecting how practical these shoes actually are. Not only they look stylish, but they are also very comfortable. I couldn't miss them on this list. 

3. Adidas Black Cap - To be honest, I have days I don't feel like dressing up, doing my makeup and hair. Usually, these days I'm normally home and relaxing but here and there I have to run out of the house with not much time to get ready. Thankfully, I can count on this cap. Just put it on and I'm on the go. This cap has been around with me for years now and I'm surprised I didn't include it on my first Month Favorites. 

4. Calvin Klein Blue Backpack - Before I found this backpack, I wanted a similar one from a different brand but unfortunately was a little too pricey for my budget. Luckily I was able to find a similar by mistake during a little shopping spree. Ever since this backpack has been my to-go-to bag. 

5. Elf Cosmetics HD Concealers - Like I mentioned on my everyday makeup routine tutorial - watch it here - these concealers are lifesavers. Not only they will make you look good, but they also help you look awake and ready for any kind of activity on or off-camera. I try to carry them everywhere I can every time I have my bag with me, but when I don't and I need them, I can just purchase them at any local pharmacy.

6. Ralph Lauren Black Robe - I remember waking up in the morning and having to drag a blanket on me everywhere around the house. Now I don't need to do that since I purchased this robe. Every time I would stay at a hotel, I would order robes to be delivered to my room to feel cozy and fancy. Now I get to feel the same way every day at home. 

7. Starbucks Black Mug - How many times have you purchased a to-go-to mug or container and stop using it after a few uses? Yeah, that's me with basically every to-go-to mug I have purchased in the past. Till one of my friends decided to give me this mug for Christmas and my world was changed. Not only I have used this mug like crazy within the year, but I have also gotten so many compliments and questions about it. 

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Rue 21 Sunglasses, ASOS Black Slip Loafers, Adidas Black Cap,  Calvin Klein Blue Backpack,  Elf Cosmetics HD Concealers,  Ralph Lauren Black Robe,  Starbucks Black Mug

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