March 30, 2020

Month Favorites #3

January, February & March 2020!

We can all agree 2020 has been a really crazy year so far. But within the last three months, it has also brought time to try out a lot of new items in which I have falling in love with. Here are my top five favorite items for the last three months. 

1. Amazon Self Stick Tripod - For quite some time, I was looking for an easier way to take my #JVInstaShop outfit looks because there are times I'm not with a friend or someone to help me take a photo. And asking strangers to take a photo, more often is awkward and they don't know how to take a good picture. So I decided to look for a solution and this self-stick tripod has been not only the solution but has also has been life-changing. 

2. Forever 21 Light Blue Sunglasses - If you read my - Spontaneously - outfit look editorial, you would know I purchased their sunglasses at last minute before attending my only day of fashion week. Happy to say, I've been wearing them like crazy ever since. I like the fact that they are sheer, which makes them perfect to be worn during this time of the year where daylight is limited.

3. ASOS Light Brown Double Blazer - I purchased this blazer around a year ago and even though you have only seen it a few times, it is because I've been wearing it none stop behind the scenes. I love the fact that is fancy but yet casual enough that it can be worn every day and to any occasion.

4. ASOS Light Grey Loafers - These babies have to be my new pair of loafers. Even though when I wore them for the first time last year for a Met Galla press conference and they killed my feet. They are now so comfortable to walk and dance in. That's right, not only I wear them during the day for a nice fancy look but also they have become my dance to go shoes.

5. Dicks White Ice Skates - I've been a big fan of ice skating for many years and this past Christmas I received one of the best gifts of all time, my own pair of ice skates. During the first two months of the year, I took advantage of the season and tried to ice skate as much as possible. Surprisingly, they fit perfectly and they are so comfortable. Of course, I suggest if anyone is about to buy their first pair of skates, to read and educate yourself on how to break them through and fit them properly.

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Amazon Self Stick Tripod, Forever 21 Light blue sunglassesASOS Light Brown Double Blazer,  ASOS Light Grey Loafers,  Dicks White Ice Skates

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