May 18, 2020

A Break

What a wonderful world!

As bad as this might sound, I'm glad we are giving the world a break from humanity. Unfortunately, it took a whole pandemic for it to happen. But as I usually tell myself, sometimes bad things happen for a reason. After all, we live in a wonderful world. 

It didn't take much time for us to see a difference on our planet after officially starting lockdown. Even though some people drag some of those differences with unrealistic photos and articles, there's actually a  fact that it made a slice difference one way or another. Simply proving we are our planet's worse enemy.

A few weeks ago, I decided to go to a place I haven't visit in years. Taken advantage of the fact that people aren't leaving their house as much as before, it was kind of shocking to see this town as empty as it was. It was such an amazing moment to appreciate the beauty of nature. 

For quite some time now, I've been saving this Disney sweater because I wanted to wear it on my upcoming trip to Disney World. Because of the timing, I don't think that trip is going to happen anytime soon. While looking at it, it reminded me why everyone loves Disney world. That's because it is the most magical and wonderful place in the world. But wait, we already live in a wonderful world. In fact, we live on a wonderful planet. Too bad I can't say the same about humanity. I styled this sweater with a simple pair of black suede shorts for a more casual and chill look. Fun fact, I have actually worn these black Levi's sneakers during my latest trip to Disney World. So, what a great finish up this look than by wearing them once again even if isn't in the actual park. 

Before I finish writing this post, I would like to mention that I was wearing most of the time while walking around town. I only removed it when it came to taking the photos. I also would like to remind and suggest everyone please stay home as much as possible and stay safe during this time. That's all for now and I'll see you all on my next post. 

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