May 25, 2020

The Bag

Do bags have a gender?

As we live in the year 2020, a lot of things have come into question. And one of them is, have we finally stop gendering everything? Including clothes! Though I can't answer that question for everyone, I can answer for myself. Yes, I have!

Growing up, I have always thought that clothes were exclusively made for either men or women. Because of that, I grew up having the idea that I was only limited to wear what was made for men. Till I started being more open with myself and honestly stopped caring about people's opinions. Those were the days I started not only shopping at the men's department but also at the women's department. I realized women aren't much different from men and most of their stuff is actually a lot more affordable.  

The first item I ever wore from the women's department was the first fedora hat I ever have worn. In which I wore it when I attended my first fashion week ever. Talking about first-timers! Ever since, I have worn shoes, coats, scars and other items that could be found in the women department. Best of it all, no one even notices it, not even men themselves. They even compliment me on my style and some even ask me where I got them from. Of course, they get shook when I tell them. 

This year I wanted to do something I always wanted to do, to purchase my first bag. Or how some people call it, a purse. In recent years, I have seen a few guys rocking beautiful bags, from Dior to even Burkens. The most amazing fact is that most of them are actually straight men. Unfurneally I haven't got the chance to get myself one of those yet, I thought I could start somewhere with my first coach bag. 

For this editorial, I decided to rock this bag with a semi-fancy outfit look. I wore a short-sleeved white collar shirt with a pair of navy blue pants to compliment the bag's scarf accessory. Talking about accessories, I also wore a silky navy blue bandana around my neck. Can't do fancy without a good pair of loafers. For this outfit, I wore a pair of grey loafers. And to add it all together, my current favorite pair of aviator sunglasses. 

One thing I would like everyone to take away from this editorial is, "if you can rock it, wear it!". Always be yourself, be proud, we are all unique and beautiful. I hope everyone enjoyed this editorial and I'll see you all on my next one!

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