June 15, 2020

Bliss Pride

Self-care for a good cause!

Pride month has finally arrived. Even though it has been hard to be too excited about celebrating during these hard times in our world, the least we can continue to do is to take care of ourselves. But thanks to Bliss, we can now take care of ourselves and celebrate at the same time. 

About a month ago, I received a PR box. Inside, were these Bliss Limited Edition Pride Makeup Melt Wipes and Makeup Melt Cleanser. Ironic, I was almost at the end of filming my birthday video when these arrived and I couldn't be more excited to finally getting to remove my makeup. When it finally came time for me to clean my face, I pulled out one of the makeup wipes and started removing my face makeup first. I was honestly amazed with the amount of makeup it removed from just one swipe.  Normally when I remove my makeup with wipes, my skin feels either too oily or too dry. But with these wipes, they left my skin feeling clean.

I was wearing a lot of eye makeup during filming, including eyeliner. Normally with regular makeup wipes, it's hard for me to remove it and usually end up with residue from the eyeliner for a few days. But this time I decided to put in-use the Bliss Liquid Cleanser since I wanted something softer to clean my eye area. And for the first time ever, I was so pleased with how everything came out. No more eyeliner residue!

After that night, I was so surprised by how well they worked in removing my makeup, I decided to use them for the next following weeks. Today, I'm happy to not only say they are now officially in my night routine but also really happy with their support for the LTBG+ community. Though this limited collection is just for the month of June, you can still find these products all year round. That's all for today and I'll see you all on my next post! 

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