July 24, 2020

Month Favorites #4

April, May & June 2020

We can all agree that these last three months have been full of many changes. Some have been good and some haven't been that great. But a good thing is that at least gave us time to work on different aspects of ourselves. Here are our top five favorite items for the month of April, May & June. 

1. Trader Joe's Watermelon Facial Mist - Around early May, one of my closest friends gifted me this watermelon facial mist after shopping at Trader Joe's and let me tell you. I'm in love! Not only does it smell amazingly good, but it's also refreshing and very hydrating. Lately, temperatures have been high and this facial mist has been a lifesaver to my skin. 


2. Clay Mask - For quite some time now, I've been a big fan of clay masks. Early this year, I purchased this one from Marshall's. And surprisingly, I've been using it like crazy. Taking advantage of being home during self-quarantine, taking care of my skin was one of my main priorities. Using this mask twice or three times a week really made a difference in my skin. Even sometimes, I use it as a spot overnight treatment when I feel a blemish coming and is gone by the next day. 

3. Bandanas - I don't even remember when I actually started wearing bandanas as part of my summer style. But I love them so much, I keep bringing them back each summer season. There are so many ways you can wear them, from around your neck to even around your ankle. They add such a summer vibe to any outfit look and they even look in bags too. If you haven't started wearing them, I highly suggest starting soon. 

4. Silky Print Shirts - Three summers ago, I made the decision to start owning multiply silky print shirts like this one. They are so comfortable and fashionable, you can dress them up or down. Similar to the bandanas, these shirts are an easy way to add a summer vibe to any outfit look. Not to forget, they're also fresh, which makes them perfect to wear on a hot summer day. This year, the weather has gotten warmer a bit earlier than usual, so I've been wearing these shirts like crazy since mid-April. 

5. Coach Bag - Last but definitely not least, my first purse. Yeah, I said purse! As I mentioned on my my "The Bag" outfit look editorial, I don't think these kinds of bags have a gender, so why give them one? Just like any kind of bag, with the right outfit they can look amazing. This coach bag is the first of many bags to come. This bag can make any look fashionable and luxurious within seconds and I love it so much it has become my everyday to-go-to bag. 

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