August 7, 2020

Call It What You Want

I did one thing right!

Rumors, speculations, and lies. I'm sure those are things that we get to experience once in our life. But unfortunately, some experience it more often than others. Is it jealously, self-protection, or fun? All I know is that I did one thing right. 

Life is full of surprises and though sometimes we see things coming, somehow they still get to amaze us one way or another. Ever since high school, I've been no stranger to rumors, speculations, and lies. Throughout the years, people's creations have gotten me into trouble and some have brought me big consequences. They might seem un-harm but sometimes they can change someone's perspective not only towards people but also in a lot of other things. Like I said, I'm no stranger to rumors, speculations, and lies. In fact, making people curious is part of my job. Because of that, I'm not surprised by people wondering what I'm doing, where I'm at, or question my relationship status. But gets crazier when those wondering are people close to you; people, who know the truth. 

Some of the rumors that have come to my attention lately have been shockingly not surprising to me. Why? Because I have been supporting them. This might be weird for many of you, but I have learned from past experiences that to get to the root of things, you have to go with the flow of what's going on. Is also a great way to learn who's there for you and who's not. The truth always comes out, though sometimes takes a short or long time. 

Why lie? why create rumors? why speculate? From an outsider perspective, as a viewer, as a fan, you can only see what I share through my posts. But from someone who knows me in real life, it takes a lot more than understanding to comprehend this kind of behavior without feeling any emotion. This also leads to questioning myself, are they friends or fans? 

No matter the answer, I will forever be no stranger to rumors, speculations, and lies. Why? Because I am the rumor, I am the speculator and I am the liar. You call it what you want; all I know is, I did one thing right!

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