September 4, 2020

Bliss Clear Genius Cleanser & Clear Genius Toner + Serum Review

Testing & reviewing the Bliss: Clear Genius collection.

A few weeks ago, I received two new products from Bliss. They gifted me their new Clear Genius Cleanser & Clear Genius Toner + Serum from their latest Clear Genius collection. I tried them out for a week and here are my thoughts on them.   

Clear Genius Cleanser: Not only does this cleanser is gentle on the skin, it really does remove everything. On my first try, I was quite surprised at how gentle it was thanks to its gel formula. After using it daily for a week, I started to notice it was drying out my skin to the point I was started using my heaviest lotion cream. But I would say it really does the job of cleaning the skin regardless of the soft formula is. For myself, I will be using this product mostly at night at the end of my day when my skin feels the dirtiest. 

Clear Genius Toner + Serum: I'm not the most fan of toners, but I'm open to the idea of it. When I first used this product, I was quite surprised by its gel formula. Normally toners are liquid and contain alcohol and other dry ingredients. But this one I actually end up liking. Was soft on the skin and really let the skin feeling clean and soft. Even though the cleanser was drying out my skin after a while, this toner added a bit of moisture back into the skin, making it look and feel flawless. 

Here is my skin before and after using the products for a week. Even though they recommended using the products for 14 days, I was pretty sure of thoughts after just a week of using them. Right now because we are in the warm season, my skin is usually better, but the best way to see results is during the cold season when my skin tends to get out of balance.  

Overall, I really enjoy these products individually. Like I said, I will be using the cleanser on my night routine for a bit longer and the toner + serum as well since they do work well on cleaning the skin. The price range wasn't too bad, you do get a good amount of product for a good price. You can get these products directly from their site www.blissword.com or at your local target or ultra. That's all for now and I'll be seeing you all on my next post. 

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