September 21, 2020

End Of A Season

End of summer!

Is crazy to think a whole season has gone by so fast and I'm already looking forward to next year's season. What a better way to end the summer season exactly where I started it. Though this year's summer might have started a bit earlier, I'm really happy with everything I was able to accomplished.

 As many of you might know, I have things I do traditionally every year, one of them is starting the summer season at the Fire Island Lighthouse. Though the tradition is to walk all the steps to the top of the lighthouse, due to 2020, I wasn't able to do so. But I least I was able to go there, enjoy the sun and some time by the beach especially after being home for 3 months straight. 

This summer season was like no other, I'm sure we can say the same thing for the entire year so far. But this summer specifically was one of my best ones. At first, I thought it was going to suck, but I was able to find ways to enjoy the basic things I used to enjoy as a kid. Being out in nature, hang out with my family and closest friends. Something this year has taught me is to enjoy and embrace the little moments.

For this editorial, I'm wearing my new Moschino speedo along with a matching print shirt. I was able to purchase these items before the weather decided to quickly change to cold. And of course, decided to end the summer exactly where I started it, at the lovely Fire Island Lighthouse. A special thank you to the people I was able to meet this summer people and for those who made this summer so unique and special even under these hard times. That's all for this post and I'll see you all on my next one.

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