September 14, 2020

The Picnic

"Unless you are at a picnic, life is no picnic" - Jane Wagner

As the summer season comes to end, I have decided to give a tribute to the number of picnics I got to do this season. What a better way to enjoy the sun, unwind from the world, all while maintaining social distance. 

This might sound crazy, but I actually started doing picnics as early as April of this year. During my time of quarantine, I took a break every two weeks to go out into nature for some fresh air, and sun. Of course, what better to do those things than by having a picnic. I'm really lucky I was able to leave the busy city of New York City before quarantine started and moved back to my hometown. Where nature occupies a big portion of space compared to the one in the city. 

As the weather started to get warmer and warmer, picnics become more and more popular. I was able to not only host picnics with my closest friends in my hometown, but also in parks throughout New York City. For my last picnic of the season, I decided to have it at the same place I did my first one, in my hometown. With some of my favorite picnic items like my famous picnic basket, my red blanket and can't forget, a bottle of champagne.

Even though I got the chance to enjoy a good number of picnics this year, I still kept in mind everything that is still going on around the world. Taking social distancing seriously, wearing a mask out in public, and maintaining myself as healthy as possible. As once Jane Wagner said, "Unless you are at a picnic, life is no picnic". Picnic season might be ending, but unfortunately, a lot of the world problems don't. Stay safe, fight for your rights, and remember to vote. 

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