October 5, 2020

Dry Heat

In a world full of snakes, why not learn from them. 

Recently on a hot summer day, I got the chance to go visit the wild west. Even though isn't my first time visiting the wild west, I did get to learn a few new things. From snakes to heatwaves, let's explore more under this dry heat!

Arriving in the desert was honestly exciting even though it was burning hot. While shooting these photos, I was told to be careful to not step on a snake hole. That's right, I forgot some snakes live in the desert and they create holes underground to protect themselves from extreme weather conditions. Not only did I get a bit scared but also reminded me of something. 

It reminded me of sneaky people, those who wish you well but bad behind your back. This might sound dramatic, but that's because it is. The worse part is when things get heated or uncomfortable, they hide from the world until either someone steps into their hole or they get hungry for more drama. Just like that person who told me to be careful, we have to be careful of those toxic people that come into our lives and just mess things up for their own needs. 

We all have known a few of these people and even though they are hard to identify until the damage is done, it also brings something good out of it. It brings the truth out of the people in your life. It shows you who is there for you or there for themselves. But don't worry, heatwaves only last for a few hours. 

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