December 31, 2020

What A Year '20!

2020 Year Recap!

Finally, the end of 2020 has finally arrived. This year has been one - if not - the most memorable of them all. It brought a lot of downs more than ups but I'm proud of all the achievements achieved throughout the year. Here's my 2020 year recap. 

January - The year started just like any other year. And as usual, I started the year with my yearly Javiortiz.com campaign. This year I wanted to focus the campaign on the person I am and the person I want to become. Focusing my time on not only embracing my current talents but also trying out new ones like learning a new language.

February - At this point in my life, I was mostly focusing on my bettering my talents and working a lot with JV Studios. Those things were keeping me so busy I decided to skip fashion week altogether. But at the last minute, I decided to at least attend for one day, and that exactly what I did. I usually tell myself I would prepare better before each season, but it wouldn't be fashion week without the last minute arrangements. 

March - What a better collaboration than with my best friend. Not only we were excited to see how much we know about each other but also excited to get drunk while doing it. Luckily, this collab was done weeks before quarantine started and had to be home for the next few months. 

April - Quarantine brought a lot of adjustments to many, but for me wasn't anything new. Though technically most of my work was done from home, I did expend most of my time traveling and working from different locations. Going back to basics and actually working from home was something I needed to be reminded of. Lucky for me, I knew just the right steps to do so. 

May - A lot of changes were happening during the month of May but there was one that really caught my eye, and that was the bag game. I like to call them small bags but most people know them as purses. To which for people they are genderized as for women only. But guess what! 2020 was making its changes and now they are a thing for everyone. 

June - Pride month arrived and of course, I needed to do a special editorial for it. For this year's pride editorial I kept it similar to my 2020 Javiortiz.com campaign but instead of focusing on my talents, I embraced myself as who I am and the things I'm proud of. Because "we are born naked and the rest is drag"

July - Summer was for sure fun regardless of covid restrictions but a big social life can sometimes be bad rather than good. Looking back now, I'm proud of how nice I am with people, but is there such thing as too nice? As usual, I like to turn negative energy into positive and this editorial was the turning point of the new changes in my social life. 

August - Right when I thought I was colder than an iceberg, who knew that was going to change right at the moment I decided to make changes to my social life. Turned out, I might have found the fire to my ice-cold heart. Belting in emotions while listening to Kim Petras who knew my heart would be so ICY.

September - Up to this day, I can't believe I finally decided to launch SWJV (Shop With Javiortiz.com) Had the idea of a store for many years and though it was launch previously and taken down for personal reasons, now is back and running more smoothly and successfully. Definitely a highlight moment for Javiortiz.com. 

October - Here's a little secret of mine, most of my traveling posts publish anywhere are usually outdated. Meaning most of my trips have happened weeks if not months before I actually post about them. Of course, this was no exsection. The more I do it, I enjoy not posting right away because it inspires me to look back and reliving those moments as if I was doing them right at the time of posting. 

November - After all the safety processors, covid-19 crawled its way to my house and I, unfortunately, end up being sick for over 3 weeks and hospitalize for a week. After all the traveling I did during the summer, I was quite surprised - low-key proud - I wasn't the one who brought it home but was the one who got hit the most. Luckily, everyone at my house and including myself made it through what I consider the worst time of my life. Making me feel extra thankful this past thanksgiving. 

December - Not sure about everyone, but I thought the holiday season was going to be a bit better but due to covid-19, adjustments still needed to be made. But that didn't stop me from doing a little get-together with my family and close friends to bring back the joy of the holiday spirit. 

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