January 29, 2021

The Comfort-Zone

From pants to jeans

We can all agree this month of January has been so far a very interesting one. Not going to lie, the start of a new year took me by surprise but gave me the inspiration to try to do new things and step out of my 2020 comfort-zone. 

I call it the 2020 comfort-zone because 2020 kept me home for the most part and feel I went from being an extrovert to an introvert. Not only I noticed those changes throughout 2020 but also a change in my style because what else you wear at home besides comfy and cozy items. This January, I've been mostly focusing on my priorities, which included running a business, a house, and most importantly, enjoying my new relationship and socializing with my small circle of friends. It might not seem like a lot, but these three weeks of January have flown by like a blink of an eye. 

Keeping myself busy and being at home has adjusted my style quite a lot. I used to not be a fan of sweatpants and especially jeans. But lately, they have been my go-to items at home. I feel like most people are used to wearing sweats at home but after finding out about Express supersoft stretch jeans, it has changed my style world. I do like to dress up a bit while being at home, mostly when I'm working and these jeans have been a lifesaver because they are comfortable enough to be around the house but dress enough when it comes to virtual meetings (you know, when you have to stand). 

Tho 2021 has just started and we are almost over through the first month, a lot of things have changed in the world. Slowly yet fast enough to hope we can all go back to the normal life we used to know but with a better mentality of sociality. I'm still planning to stay focus on my current projects and small exploring new things and can't wait to share them all as I explore them. Stay safe and I'll see you all in my next post. 

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