March 15, 2021

Play It Cool

Not everything is as it seems

Social media has become a big part of us. Though we get to share a part of our lives, is hard to accept that some of the things we share ain't exactly how it is in real life. How different is my social media life compared to my real life? 

I don't consider my social media life to be fake or anything, but I will say that I do try to maintain a set of emotions through the things I post. That's the beauty of being able to have control over what you post. But there's also my life, the one I live every day and though I do try to manage most of it, there are some things I can't control like the way I feel emotionally, physically, and most importantly mentally.  

What I post on my social media is a small part of what I actually do in my real life. Many years ago, I struggle with differencing my social life from my private life. Especially with the kind of work I do, it was hard to find a balance between the two till I came up with scheduling posts ahead. For those who don't know, most of the things I post on my social media are things that happen days or weeks before the post date - even my stories. I find it very useful since it gave me the time to work on content without having to rush through things. It also gave me a sense of privacy to enjoy things as they go and only post when necessary. 

From the beginning of my career, I made the promise to myself to keep things as honest as possible with everything I post. Lately, I haven't been feeling my best, I haven't been feeling motivated as I usually am or have the kind of confidence I normally carry myself with. Everything I've been posting for the last few weeks has been things I have taken before feeling the way I currently am. As usual, I like to express myself through my work - editorials. I have gotten to a point in my life where I feel more open to discussing things like mental health and other things that on social media are considered taboo. With that being said, I'm currently in the state of healing and also learning more about myself. But till I see things get better, I'll keep on playing it cool. 

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