March 29, 2021

We Don't Stop

Timex & Together Band

For almost a decade now, I've been proudly advocating/helping my local community using my knowledge and resources. Today, I'm happy to be partnering with Timex to bring awareness to gender quality with my Together Band. 

My whole life I've been surrounded and empowered by so many strong women. As a man, I'm using my privilege to fight in support of not only the woman who had me, the women who have supported and inspired me but also for all the women in the world who unfortunately are still struggling to have basic human rights. The fight is not close to over yet and #WeDontStop till we get it to accomplish. Though time is clicking, I'm keeping track of every move towards our goal with my Timex watch. 

Learn more about this cause and others by clicking here. Also, help support both Timex and Together Band to fight by making a purchase. 

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