April 26, 2021


Adjusting to new highs

As the warm season approaches a lot of things are slowly adjusting back to their normal state. From a world put on hold to a world that is now blooming again. Wearing head-toe Express, not only the world is blooming, but so am I.

We can all agree that we all have gone through some serious adjustments - some more than others - within the last year. But as the world is slowly coming back as we used to know it, some others might not. I have never experienced so many emotional roller coasters as I did within the last year that has now made me realize I've been needing to make adjustments in every aspect of my life for quite some time. I know I usually discuss change, adjustments & all that in previous posts but today I wanted to focus not on the problems but on the solutions I've been complementing these last few weeks. 

One of my biggest accomplishments these last few months has been starting therapy. For many years, I've been wanting to do it but never got the courage to do it till now. Happy to say that it has been the most helpful way to overcome my overthinking, negative self-care, and overcome negative thoughts people get on your head. With all that taking care of, it has also encouraged me to take care of priorities more seriously. 2020 really gave me a lot of time to do many things I didn't have time to do before but as the world is opening again, responsibilities are laying out once again. But instead of stressing overwork, I have also made adjustments with that too. As which now I have decided to fall head-over-heels with my work again & give it my all. Not gonna lie, for some reason these new adjustments have been feeling oddly uncomfortable but I know they have been changes I've been needing for quite some time & the time to do them is now. 

For this editorial, I'm back again with Express Men. I've been super inspired by the Spring season and when they asked me to come up with a Spring-inspired look, I couldn't think of anything else than to embrace the beauty of nature. Maintaining my high hopes of a better self, a high camera angle was the best way to capture these blooming trees. Because at the end of the day, they aren't the only ones blooming these days. 

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