May 17, 2021

Little Sunshine

After the storm comes the sun!

I usually think of myself as a very optimistic person but lately, I've been walking around with a dark cloud above my head full of negativity forwards myself and everything around me. But regardless of it, I still see a little sunshine peeking through. 

I'm sure we can all say we have gone through moments in life where negativity gets the best of us. Though I can say I've been through worse, this kind of negativity doesn't have to do with anyone but myself. After all, we are usually our own worst enemy. Since starting therapy, I've noticed how much of an overthinker I have become in the last few years. There're a lot of good and bad things that overthinking can lead to. But when it comes to pushing through and facing things that are normally considered basics of life, that's where it becomes problematic. 

Now that I'm aware of where I stand emotionally, mentally, and physically - which isn't good - I want to focus on bringing positive energy back into my life. Most importantly, in myself. Regardless of how much of a heavy cloud is there above me, I still have hope of that little sunshine that is peeking through because after the storm comes the sun.

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