May 30, 2021

Meet The Future


Celebrating JV-Day + Meet The Queen

As time goes by, I've been starting to understand many things I once questioned. Which have made me more humble, reasonable, and most importantly, hopeful for what the future might hold for me. On this special day of JV-Day, I'm celebrating my accomplishments, future goals, and of course, my birthday.

Before I start, I would like to mention that the inspiration for this editorial was completely something else by the time of the photoshoot. The outfit I actually wanted to wear was not available in my size so I had to choose something at the last minute. While editing, it came to my attention that the color choice was very similar to the color I use in one of the projects I've been recently working on - Meet The Queen. And though the project started as a simple "let's try it out" kind of idea, I have never been this excited about something in a while.

Looking back to two years ago today, I officially opened my production/marketing company - JV Studios. To which it has been a success in providing marketing and social media management services to local businesses in the areas of New York City & Long Island. Javiortiz.com has also been under the umbrella of JV Studios since opening day and today, I'm happy to be using this editorial to announce that Meet The Queen will be also under the umbrella of JV Studios. This means, Meet The Queen is officially the real deal. 

I have accomplished many things in my life so far but Meet The Queen has been one of my most rapid accomplishments to this date. In under two months, Meet The Queen became one of the most supported projects by many local drag queens within the city of New York. With new sponsors and other creative talents joining in, Meet The Queen will soon be starting its U.S.A tour to meet local queens in other U.S states and introduce them to the world through the Meet The Queen platform. 

Without any idea, I would've never thought I would be here today making this announcement. Never in my life thought I would be a business owner, a producer, a creative director, and more. Though the roller coaster hasn't been an easy ride, I'm thankful for my previous learning experinces & can't wait to celebrate many more accomplishments for many years to come. With that being said, happy anniversary to JV Studios, Javiortiz.com, welcome Meet The Queen, and the best part, happy birthday to me. 

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