May 3, 2021


Clothes with a meaning 

Do you know where the items you wear are from? Who made it? And most importantly, who are you supporting? Thanks to Novica, now we do. Not only each item from Novica is uniquely made per order, but also you know exactly where is coming from.

I have known about Novica for many years now. In fact, a good old friend of mine has always been into unique and artesian items. While searching for a gift for her, I came across Novica and thought the concept was amazing and the perfect place to get her a gift from. Fast forward to today, I'm happy to be collaborating with them and share my latest experience with them. 

After looking through the hundreds of items they have available on their website, at first I couldn't pick which items to get because I wanted so many of them. But after realizing the weather has been warming up, I decided to go for something more summery. I ordered this soft Block-Printed Cotton Shirt that was made by Wagan from Bali. Along with this Bone Pendant Necklace "Rooster Feather" also from Bali. 

When I received both packages, I was really surprised by how nicely everything was wrapped up. Besides that, both items came with a personalized message from both artisans who made the items. Which made this experience a lot more personal and kind. I wore these two ideas while taking a walk along the Hudson River while enjoying a nice and beautiful day in New York City. As you can see, these two items look great together, and being paired with a classic pair of light shorts really gives this look that summer vibe I really wanted. 

After both of these two great experiences with Novica, I highly suggest with you all try it out. Not only will it be a great purchase but also you'll be helping artisans around the world. Check out www.novica.com and follow them on social media @Novica. That's all for today and I'll see you all in my next post.

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