June 18, 2021

Picnic with Chateau Ste. Michelle

The perfect summer go-to drink!

What makes the perfect summer? The perfect drink! A few weeks ago, I received the new Chateau Ste. Michelle Elements collection box which I couldn't wait to taste and enjoy with my best friend over a summery picnic. Here are my thoughts on the collection. 

When I first received the box, I was actually really surprise at how cute everything looked. From the packaging itself to the wines. When I saw the box set, I knew right there I wanted to do a wine tasting picnic, and what better way to make it extra enjoyable than by doing it with my best friend. 

The Chateau Ste. Michelle Element collection box made the picnic set up very easy since it already includes 2 copper wine glasses, 2 bags of Dardimans California Assorted Fruit Crisps and of course 3 Chateau Ste. Michelle Elements Wines. After settling down, it was time to start the best part of the picnic, the wine tasting. We started with the Papaya Jasmine White Blend, which to be honest I don’t think I’ve seen any other wine or any kind of beverage flavored with papaya. It was actually very smooth and the papaya flavor made it feel like if I was drinking a natural papaya juice but with a hint of white wine. 

Then we moved on to the Strawberry Hibiscus Rosé, which was my favorite of them all. I’m a big fan of rosé in general so I wasn’t too surprised, but I will say that I was really surprised in the combination flavor of the strawberry and hibiscus. The flavor reminded me of the strawberry/pink drink from Starbucks but a lot more refreshing and of course, a lot more sophisticated. 

Lastly, we tried the Peach Ginger White Blend, which just by the name I thought it was going to taste like ginger tea but actually the ginger really gives this combination a tasty kick. Usually when beverages are flavor with peach, they tend to be really sweet but the ginger and the natural white wine flavor really gave this one a great balance of sweetness. 

Over all, they were great and really enjoyed the combination of flavors which with only 90-calories and $15 dollars each, you bet I’ll be ordering more for future summer events. I highly recommend you all to try them out yourselves, as well suggest to get the entire Elements Collection Box which not only makes the perfect picnic set, but also makes the perfect gift for anyone and for any occasion. Special thank you to Chateau Ste. Michelle for sponsoring this post. Hope everyone enjoy this post as much as I did creating it and I’ll see you all on my next post. 

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