June 28, 2021

Vacation Breeze

Want to start traveling more?

After graduating from high school, like any other graduate, I asked myself "What now?" After a lot of thinking, I decided that I want to travel as much as possible. I also knew if I wanted to make it to far places, I needed to make it to those close to me first. 

Throughout my whole life, I've been a big fan of the phrase "Start small and then grow bigger" and till this day, this phrase has been my life memo. We all have things we want to do and accomplish but unfortunately, not everyone has the sources to do so... or do we? Here's the thing, when we dream and think of that life we all want to live at some point, we focus so much on that goal that we start losing hope of that ever becoming a reality. Of course - thinking rationally - there's a long path in getting there but the question I hear a lot of people ask is "Where should I start". My answer to that is "Look around you, you already have" 

Many people think to get the life they want, they need to get all the sources first for them to actually start focusing on working towards it. I think that's the stupidest thinking I ever heard because little do they know, all the sources they need at the moment are just in front of them. When I started my career, I didn't even know I was starting a career because it all started as a hobby. I enjoyed what I was doing back then and though I didn't have the fancy camera, production, personal assistance, not even a website yet, I was still doing my best in creating every little thing that came out of my mind. Including, traveling. 

I started as any other student, broke, depressed, confused but very hopeful of what life could be. And that's all I needed to start packing my bags and head out even if it was only a 30-minute drive away from home. Every weekend, I wanted to explore a new area and slowly started furthering my destinations. Today, I have visited enough locations around my local state that it has made me love my home area even more. Though now I travel further and further, I do enjoy a homestay vacation here and there. If you have been following me for a while, you would know I grew up close to Fire Island and The Hamptons. Now that the season is back again, I enjoy traveling to these locations not only to change scenery but also to satisfy my traveling bugs when traveling a long distance isn't resourceful. You know, starting small to grow bigger. 

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