August 27, 2021

Office Hours

Inspired by Vogue's September issue

A new season and month is upon us! After reading the latest issue of Vogue magazine, it has inspired me to appreciate my new working space. Though still under development, I'm really please with the progress I've made in the last five months and I'm excited to be sharing it with you all.

Before I start telling you all about my office, I would like to take it back to the early days of my career where my office was the closest Starbucks nearby. Balancing life between school, a day job, and home, settling down to one location was challenging. Which made me appreciate the ability to find a nearby Starbucks and do paperwork, editing, and sometimes host meetings. Not going to lie, that was basically my life for many years till I was done with school and decided to quit my day job. 

Which led me to find a more settled workspace because sitting at a Starbucks for over four hours almost every day would have been weird. The only place I was able to find at the time was my bedroom. Since I was about to spend more time in my bedroom, I decided to invest in making it more comfortable and adjustable to both my working and resting needs. As I mentioned in a previous editorial where I gave a few tips to make working-from-home more productive - Click here to read - I talk about the importance of investing in creating a comfortable workspace. Though it takes a lot of discipline to work from home, it has been very beneficial for me in both aspects of education and business. 

Lucky for me, all of this happened months before covid-19. Which made quarantine very easy to adjust to because I was already spending a lot of time at home. In fact, it made me more relatable to others since working from home became popular. Actually weeks before quarantine started, I was looking to rent an office space and create a working environment outside my bedroom but of course all of that change once quarantine arrived. But recently, I moved into a new living space and I was able to finally create that. 

For this editorial, I'm shooting inside my new office space. I've been slowly adding and adjusting things around it but still following my main concept which is comfortability and versatility. As many of you know, I run a few businesses all at once, and being in a place where I'll be able to create and run work for all of them at once is one of my main office priorities. On one side of my office, I decided to place a few bookcases and drawers to store office supplies and files. Not too far from it, I set my desk along with two chairs for casual one-o-one meetings. Most of my work is done through my computer which saves me a lot of physical office storage and helps me keep my desk clean and free of paperwork. I do spend most of my time on this side of the office, but here and there I like to switch to my conference table. Which is usually located on the other side of the office. I said usually because this part of the office is also my studio space. When I’m not using my conference table, it gets pushed to the side & depending on the choice of color, a seamless paper gets rolled out. Other equipment, which is stored in a nearby closet gets brought out & set for any filming or photoshoot. 

I’m happy to say my productivity has increased since being in this new setting & I’m proud of all the projects I've created and will be creating in it. Whether you work from work or have a designated workplace, I do think having a place where we can feel inspired and productive is very important as much as it is to have one relax and homie. Hope everyone enjoyed this post and I'll be catching with you all on my next one! 

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