September 27, 2021

Me Day With Lights Label

Comfy, chic, and high quality!

Now that the days are getting cooler, staying at home and having a "Me Day" has taken a whole new meaning. Join me as I discover Lights Label by trying on a few of their items. Is it comfy? Is it chic? is it a "Me Day" friendly? Let's find out!

Recently, I received a few items I personally picked from LightsLabel.com. I didn't know what to expect from this brand at first but while scrolling through their website, I found each collection so cute and fun. When my order arrived, right from the start the packaging took me away. The items came in a fabric bag instead of the usual plastic bags tradition orders from other brands come in. I kept the bag because it was cute and hopefully I will find something to store in it soon. 

As I unfold each item, I can feel the high quality of these items. The green sweat pants, OMG! They are a dream of comfiness. They are the perfect baggy, chic, and sporty sweats I've been seeing the cool kids wear lately. Just like the sweats, the white sweater is comfy heaven. I've been wearing it almost every morning when I go out to walk my puppy and I received a few compliments from the first time I wore it. 

Then the oversize pink t-shirt design is what took my attention and seeing it in person was like looking at a piece of art. Love a touch of color and its design gives it a perfect pop statement. Though is kind of chilly outside, the light blue shorts are warm and comfy which makes them perfect for a nice and comfy kind of vibe. Lastly, I got this cute half moon gold necklace. I like the urban style it gives and honestly, I've been obsessed with it. 

In conclusion, I've been re-wearing all these items, mixing them in different styles, and once again, I'm in love with the quality of the items. I didn't know what to expect at first, but now I'm happy to have found this brand and looking forward to seeing what other collections they would come up with it. Completely recommend this brand and if you're like me who likes to have "Me Days" or comfy and chic style, this brand is for you. 

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