September 20, 2021

Motion By Oxyfresh Review

Joint and tissue nutrition supplements

Jumping into a new daily routine isn’t easy, but with a little bit of help, anything can be possible. Trying and review Oxyfresh Motion - joint and tissue nutrition supplements. Do they work? Do they not? I have tried them for a few weeks and this is what I think of them so far.

For many years, I have noticed when I run, dance, or walk for a long period of time my right knee starts to feel uncomfortable. Though it hasn't been anything serious till this date, I have consulted with my doctor, and no real reason as to why has been discovered. Since turning 25 last year and knowing this about myself, it has given me the courage to start taking care of my physical health. From a balanced diet, an active lifestyle to a better skin routine and good quality daily supplements. Taking care of my physical has been both educational and self-awareness. 

When Oxyfresh wanted me to try their Motion - joint and tissue nutrition supplements, I was down to give them a try. I already take daily vitamin supplements as part of my daily routine, so adding one more item that could probably help prevent future damage to any part of my body is highly appreciated. 

As many of you know, I have a new puppy now which has increased my physical activity with walks, playtime, and cuddles on top of my regular everyday routine. Not a scientist here, but thanks to my balanced diet and daily supplement intake - including Oxyfresh Motion supplements-  I have been able to keep up with my new routine a lot better than before. And surprisingly, I’ve been able to go for long walks and runs without having my knee feel uncomfortable. Though I have only been taking these supplements for a few weeks now, I can’t really say they have been the main reason of my this outcome, but it has definitely been part of it. 

As for the supplement itself, I do find it easy to intake compare to those harsh and big supplements out in the market. Which has made it easy to intake along with other supplements. In conclusion, I have been enjoying taking them and they have been a great mix with my daily vitamin supplements. As mentioned, can’t really say they have been the major source of my productivity increase, but they have been part of the journey, and don’t see myself stopping from taken them any time soon. If you wish to learn more about them and give them a try, you can find them at the following link. Hope everyone enjoys this post and I’ll be catching with you all on my next post. 

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