September 6, 2021

Oxyfresh Pet Dental Kit Review

Dental water additive, gel toothpaste, and finger brushes

Who doesn't love receiving kisses? Is one of the best ways animals and humans show affection. But just like humans, animals need to have proper hygiene too. Trying and reviewing the latest Oxyfresh Pet Dental Kit on my puppy Loki. 

Here's a little something not many people actually don't know about me, and it is the fact that I have a bit of mysophibia and OCD. This means I like to keep things and myself organized and clean. Two months ago my family decided to get a new puppy, and since I'm the one who spends the majority of time at home it has given me the opportunity to spend more quality time with him. 

As mentioned, having a bit of mysophibia and OCD, maintaining things organize and clean has been a bit of a challenge since getting Loki. Though I'm obsessed with his cuteness and really enjoy getting kisses from him, it got me looking into dog hygiene. Luckily for me, I've known Oxyfresh for a few months now and really enjoy their nutritional items. Now with a new family member, it got me interested to try their puppy-related items. I recently received their new Pet Dental Kit and I couldn't have asked for a better time to try it. 

The dental kit includes one dental water additive which is basically a drinkable mouthwash that gets put into the water bowl once a day to prevent gum disease and support overall tooth health. It also came with one gel toothpaste and three individual tooth finger brushes. This was kinda hilarious to me because I never thought I would see myself brushing a dog's teeth at any point in my life but here we are. Before using the products, I read the introductions to make sure I had an idea of what to do and also was curious about the ingredients and smell of the products. Was really pleased to know the first ingredient to all the products is water and almost all the other ingredients are very familiar which gave me a sense of confidence to use them on him.

The brushing part is honestly the best part of the process because it feels like playtime. The brushes really help distribute the gel through the teeth and also I feel like it gave a bit of a safeguard while doing it. I've been using these products for over two weeks and honestly, his mouth doesn't smell at all which gives me feel better when receiving kisses on the cheek from him. So far these products have been easy to use and incorporate into Loki's daily routine. I'm really please with the products and highly suggest them if you're an animal owner or planning to be. Adding to that, these products work for almost all kinds of animals. Which let us enjoy more kisses and smiles from our pets. That's all for now and I'll be seeing you all in my next post!  

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