December 13, 2021

The Mistake

I'm sorry!

As the year is coming to an end, Lately I've been thinking about my actions throughout the year. I'm happy to say that I'm proud of myself for taking the right actions for some of the experiences I went through. But also here to apologize for those not-so-right actions I have made as well. 

I feel like I say this quite a lot, but time is really flying. This year flew like a blink of an eye and to be honest, I'm still a bit shocked we are almost at the end of it. But this isn't about how fast the year went by. As I think about the things I have done and accomplished throughout the year, it does makes me wonder about the not-so-great experiences I went through and those I have caused. Why? Why try to remember those bad experiences if they were bad? Why apologize for your actions if they already happened? Let me explain to you why.

This year has been all about learning. Learning about my business, learning about the people around me, and most importantly, learning about me. We can learn so much about basically anything, but I never took the time to learn about my feelings, my energy, my creativity, my body, and my health. Is crazy to think about how much we think we know about ourselves compared to what we really know about ourselves. After taking a deep dive into myself early this year, I have been aware of my flaws. Which led me to educate myself more about them, learn more about volunteering, and un-volunteering responses, and take actions to help me manage them better. 

This process has been the most life-changing experience I have ever done. And though it is still a working process, realizing stepping back and falling behind is also part of the process. In which taking responsibility is always the best step to move forward. Though I wish to talk about each and every mistake I have made, they all come to one main point. I'm sorry! I have no one else to blame but myself. 

As I reflect on my mistakes, I wanted to reflect an edgy outfit look for this editorial. I've been collecting each of these items within the year and I'm really happy to have waited to style them together for this editorial. Though I wouldn't consider this my everyday kind of style, I do enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing my inner edge. Hope you all learned something new, enjoyed this editorial and I'll be seeing you all in my next post! 

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