January 28, 2022

New Attitude

New hair and new ideas! 

Am I the only one who isn’t a fan of the phrase “New year, new me”? Every time a new year approaches, I ask myself what changes I want to make. After thinking about it for a while, I realized changes don’t work for humans. We don’t change, we involve. 

Most of us take in consideration our previous experiences and according to those experiences, we take actions to adjust our future. The reason I say this, is because we can’t errase the past as much as we might want to. In fact, we learn from our past and it keep us more aware of what we want for our future. 

My last outfit editorial of 2021, I talked a little bit about the importance of accepting our mistakes. I did that because it helped me understand what I’ve done and made me more aware of what to do and not do for then on. After having a deep conversation about this with my therapist, I’ve noticed a big difference in my character/personality. I feel a new sense of responsibility, self confidence & focus. 

For this editorial, I wanted to do something different compare to my previous editorials. I wanted to share my new hair, challenge my style and editing skills. Often I find myself feeling bad for always updating and looking for something new. But understanding that I’m not constantly changing but actually involving. This makes everything new more exciting & interesting rather than having me being afraid of it. Which has also led me to look at things at a different prospective. And challenge myself to reach my full potential in my creativity and education. What can I say, I got a new attitude. 

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