January 14, 2022

Winter Hikes

Keeping warm with Free Country! 

One of many things we take for granted is nature. Many forget how easy it is to just travel a few minutes away from industrial zones and escape into the beauty of nature. No matter the season, exploring nature is always fun and comfortable thanks to Free Country.

A few weeks ago I was offered to partner with Free Country. Though this isn’t the first time they have reached out to collaborate. At first, I denied their offer because I didn’t think of it as part of my style. But after this last summer, I realized how joyful being out into nature is. After all, I did spend almost two weeks camping across the northeast. As the weather got colder my desire to be out decreased, but my life is different now and I have a dog who enjoys being out a bit more than myself. Which led me to spend more quality time outdoors. 

Me being someone who gets bored of doing the same thing over and over for a long period of time. I recently decided to kind of do some activities I would normally do during the summer in the winter like hiking. I’m really lucky to be living in a location where I'm surrounded by many hiking trails and this season I’ve been taking the time to revisit a few trails and explore new ones as well. 

After scrolling through my closet, I was quite surprised to notice I don’t really own a nice outdoor jacket for extreme activities. After all, I did live in one of the most industrialized cities in the world and the style is a lot different. Free Country really came thru by gifting me this nice navy blue jacket from their latest collection and I’ve been obsessed with it. With the extremely low temperatures hitting the northeast lately, this jacket has been a lifesaver. Not only that but it has also made me feel more cozy and motivated to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature regardless of the temperature. 

Besides the fact that I’m collaborating with the brand, this jacket is actually really good. It keeps me warm, the style is classic - which I love - and comes in many sophisticated colors. As I wear it more often, I keep on finding hidden pockets inside and out of the jacket which I really love because it gives me the chance to not need a bag when I’m out and about. 

Learn more about this jacket by clicking here. And don’t forget, nature is beautiful no matter the season. A special thank you to Free Country for sponsoring this post. How do you keep warm during the cold seasons? Because for now on, I’m keeping warm with Free Country. 

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