February 14, 2022

Heartbreak Anniversary

Dumped on Valentine's Day

As we were getting closer to Valentine's Day, I started remembering the things I've previously done on this day. Though I can say I have only have celebrated Valentine's Day with only one person, valentines day has always meant something for me, Love! 

I'm not just talking about love in a partner but love in general. From parents to friends, there are a lot of people I actually appreciate in my life who I'm happy to say I love them. This past year has been all about self-discovering and though I thought my relationship with myself was at its best, turned out it needed and still needs a lot of work to be done. As time passes by, things from the past slowly start to make sense to the point I'm thankful for the experiences.

Going back as I was mentioning at the beginning, I was remembering the things I've done previously on Valentine's Day. I shockingly remembered I have been dumped on Valentine's Day! That's right! A year ago, I was being broken up to by someone who I thought might be the one. But why did I say shockingly remembered? That's because I wasn't really that upset about the person who dumped me while being alone across the country. But mostly upset about myself for allowing the disrespect and manipulation towards me. Looking back, everything happened so fast, but I saw it coming because I knew what was happening even without me being around. 

So yes, I've been bumped on Valentine's Day & surprisingly I'm not even mad about it. Valentine's has and still is a day to express love, even if it is to myself. Being bumped on Valentine's Day just proves life has bigger and better things for me in the future because it took away what was never mine. Today I'm not just celebrating love, but also my heartbreaks. Because love is love and without it we are nothing. Whether you are with someone today or single, just remember to always love yourself. Happy Valentine's Day! 

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