May 30, 2022

Glam Summer Night

JV's 10-year anniversary & 27th birthday party celebration!

It's been 10 years since I created this amazing platform and honestly never thought I would be here today saying that. Besides JV's 10-year anniversary, it's also my 27th birthday. I haven't hosted a party in a while and why not throw one for this special day! 

Like many of my most recent events, this one was also planned at the last minute since I had only three weeks to pull it all together. Thankfully, the idea of the party decor, food, and everything else came to me fast enough to have it executed on time for the party. At first, I thought about hosting the party inside my house, but after relaxing the party was going to be on Memorial Day Weekend I decided to host it in my beautiful backyard. 

One thing I learn about planning this party is the fact that I want a small sophisticated wedding but after realizing how extra I went with this party, the exception of my wedding celebration is now scaled. Almost everything I used at this party was custom-made, from my outfit, the tables set up & my even backyard decor. The theme of the party was Glam Summer Night after all. 

Honestly, the party was so much fun. From the planning to the actual party, everything went smooth and I was able to celebrate JV's 10-year anniversary and my birthday in the best way possible with friends and family. Here, I'm sharing a few photos from this amazing and fun party. Thank you everyone for the beautiful birthday and congratulations messages. 

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