May 6, 2022

Month Favorites #9

January, February & March 2022

This year so far has brought me many products to try out but only a few have become my favorites. I've been using some of these items for almost a year, here are my top five favorite items from January, February & March 2022. 

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1. ZARA Small Brown Bag - Don't you just love those times when you're casually walking into a store and see an item from afar that is just calling to be purchased? These moments don't happen to me often but when they do, are special. This was the case for this small brown bag. I was actually shopping for Christmas presents when I came across this very cute little bag. It was like love at first sight. The size, the color, the design, and even the price. I enjoy wearing this kind of small bag during the summer season the most because I hate filling up my shorts packets and also because they add a cute casual feel to my looks.

2. GUCCI Guilty Pour Homme - When it comes to smells, I'm honestly the worse. So when it comes to picking a fragrance for myself the search is crazy hard. But lucky for me, I have family and friends who tend to know me better than I know myself when it comes to picking a smell. Most of the fragrances I own have been gifted by people close to me for Christmas. This past Christmas was no different and I was gifted this Gucci cologne which smells amazing. Not to brag, but it actually smells really good and the smell really suits my personality very well. I would consider myself a fruity and fresh kind of guy which is exactly what this fragrance smells like. No wonder it has become my current cologne. 

3. H&M Navy Blue Loafers - Talking about items that I purchased a while back, I got these navy blue loafers almost a year ago. They are so comfortable and in my favorite color, so it didn't take me too long for me to wear them out. Usually, every time I get or purchase a new clothing item, I like to wait and wear it for an editorial, but this time was different. I wore these loafers almost all summer season last year and didn't get to wear them in an editorial here till a few months ago. Happy to say, they have become one of my favorite and most comfortable shoes to wear. 

4. E.L.F Holy Hydration Face Cream - During the cold seasons, my skin tends to be really dry regardless of the fact that I have oily skin. Besides maintaining good hydration, finding a good face moisturizer was a struggle I had to deal with for many years till I discovered this face cream. Though I used a similar E.L.F moisturizer for many years a few years back, I decided to try to update it because it wasn't working for me anymore. But lately, E.L.F has come up with many new moisturizers and I'm back to sticking with E.L.F again. My skin has stopped feeling dry and feeling hydrated once again. 

5. MAYBELLINE Fit Me Tinted Moisturizer - As I mentioned in my fourth item, my skin tends to be really dry during the winter seasons which made my foundation look cakey and cracky. Not a good look when you see it in person. So I decided to try this tinted moisturizer from the same brand of my favorite foundation and let me tell you... life-changing. This product along with the E.L.F moisturizer has made my skin look hydrated and well together. No wonder I've been using it almost every day since purchasing it. 

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