May 2, 2022

Spring Brunch

In-the-making tradition!

I'm obsessed with brunch - I mean, like who isn't right? I've been hosting a brunch as a way to start off the warmer season for the last 3 years. At this point, it has slowly become another tradition for me, and this year I'm excited to be sharing my inspiration & decor for this year's brunch.

I enjoy hosting social events at my place, although it was previously hard to do so because I used to live in apartments with some very anti-social and annoying neighbors - If you only knew the stories I have. Now that I have my own place, things have been a lot better. Taking into consideration the last two brunches, this time it was easier to plan and decorate. Which helped a lot since it was a last-minute arrangement. 

The decor - For the last few months, I've been obsessed with the store Dollar Tree. Besides them being so affordable, they come up with some cute seasonal stuff. I came up with the idea of creating fake flower table centerpieces for this brunch. I loved how easy it was to put together & how springy they look once I finished setting up the table. Most of the stuff I used to decorate I already had from previous events but was kind of frustrating not being able to find my set of silky napkins. So a last-minute Target run was done right before my guests arrived. 

The food - As much as I enjoy hosting events, I also enjoy cooking. This is what brought me the idea of starting this spring brunch. One of my favorite things to eat for brunch is Quiche - Watch me make a Quiche here. So there was no surprise I made the quiche the main item on the menu. I like to have a variety of choices for many kinds of diets, and I made a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy. Of course, it wouldn't be a brunch without mimosas. Happy to say, a lot of drinking was made.

The guests - The first brunch I made three years ago, I wanted to make it special by only inviting my closest friends. This was still the same case for this year's brunch. Though it was hard to get everyone in the same room at once at the last minute, it was very joyful to have the majority of them with me on this occasion. Nothing like sharing delicious food, and great drinks with people you appreciate the most. 

I am still not sure why I never share a post about this brunch before but I'm happy to be sharing with you this in-the-making tradition of mine. If you are like me, someone who enjoys sharing memories with closest friends, I encourage making events like these. Thank you for reading and I'll be seeing you all in my next post!

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