May 9, 2022

Staying Hydrated With DripDrop

DripDrop ORS Electrolyte Powers

This year so far has been all about my physical health. As I started to become more active and back into a busy routine after almost two years of surviving a world pandemic, getting back hasn't been an easy adjustment. But thanks to DripDrop staying hydrated has been the least of my worries.

I have mentioned before how dry my skin gets during the colder months and though I was aware my usual water intake wasn't high as I wanted it to be, it definitely started to become worrying once I started to get more active and busy with work. Is crazy how something so simple as water can make a big difference in your skin, body, productivity, and emotional state. 

Lucky for me, I discovered DripDrop ORS Electrolyte Powders and they were kind enough to send me their Juicy Classics Variety Pack to try out. Since using my first pack, the first thing I noticed was how delicious the flavor was. After using the product for a week, I noticed my skin not feeling as dry as usual, physically feeling fresh and more energetic to outstand my busy daily routine. 

For this post, I wanted to showcase when I'm being the most productive. As the weather has warmed up, I enjoy my morning tennis practices, but as much as I enjoy them this is when I tend to feel the most hectic due to dehydration. This is where I use DripDrop Electrolyte Powder the most to help me relieve dehydration fast and feel my best to be the best tennis player I can be. 

I've been trying a lot of different products in the last few months and this one has been one of the most helpful ones to my physical body. If you are like me who has now come back into a busy routine and/or has never used DripDrop ORS Electrolyte Powers, I highly recommend it for a better-hydrated life.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you all in my next post!

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