June 20, 2022

In-Town Errands

Keep work organized!

It's Monday, which normally means is time to start off another week of work. Though most people have off on weekends and use that time to do errands, for me doing errands is usually part of my job. Today, I'm sharing how I like to keep myself organized during the week & how I like to do both my business and work errands. 

Before I continue with this post, I would like to start by saying that I have ADHD. This is important because most of my schedule has been programmed to help me achieve the most productivity but yet, deal with my ADHD side effects. I like to schedule most of my work and personal needs within the week and leave the weekend free for myself. But unfortunately, that's not the reality of my work life and for the sake of this editorial, I'll be discussing my usual Monday to Friday schedule.

Before a new week even starts, I like to close the previous week by going over my checklist. I'm a big fan of checklists because they help me strategize and track the process of all my current projects. Once I finish crossing out the things that are done, the ones that still need to be done take priority on the following week's checklist. Once that checklist is done with previous and new things to get done, I use my calendar to timeline my schedule for the week. Working around my desired work schedule and keeping in mind personal events, I adjust my checklist in between those already added events. Normally this process is actually kind of quick and for me is also stress-free because I don't worry about when or how things going to be done. 

Planning things in advance has helped me manage my ADHD, and get things done more productively and without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. On the day of this editorial, I planned to work only on errands outside the office. Lucky for me, most of my errands are done locally. This not only allows me to get things done faster but also gives me the opportunity to socialize with my local friends while getting errands done. Who said pleasure and work can't be mixed. 

I like to dress according to what I'm doing and on this day, I wanted something casual, comfy yet stylish enough to get me through the day. Since the weather was getting warmer, I wanted to rock this knitted vest and coach sweater. A lot of walking is done during errands day, and a pair of comfy sneakers are a must for sure. After all, this outfit turned out sporty but well together and clean which is important to me because you never know who you might see while out. 

Keeping myself organized has been a long process and even to this day, I'm still managing and adjusting things to work according to my checklist. But in conclusion, this has been the main way of my organizing process. Hope this helps you become more organized and also enjoy the things you do as much as I do. Thank you for reading and I'll be catching up with you all in my next post!

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