June 4, 2022

Under The Sun

With Everyday Humans

It is officially summer, which means it's time for me to spend more time outdoors. This also means, my skin routine has once again changed. I'm happy to say I'll stay protected under the sun this summer, thanks to Everyday Humans.

Is crazy to think summer season is finally here again! It came by a little sooner than I expected but I'm all in for the fun and the joy summer brings. Though I enjoy spending time outdoor like at the beach, going for long hikes & enjoying other summer activities. Having fun under the sun has its pros and cons. One con is my skin and the sun. Those two sometimes go together and sometimes they don't. That's why I'm happy to be partnering with Everyday Humans this summer season to help me stay protected from the sun at any given time. 

Since turning 25, I've been more aware of what I put on my skin and taking care of it for a better future look. Sun damage is something many don't take seriously till is too late, but not me! Thanks to Everyday Humans Resting Beach Face and Oh My Bod! sunscreen lotion, keeps me looking good and staying protected from the sun. 

I use the Everyday Humans Resting Beach Face sunscreen lotion on my face. It honestly smells so good and fresh. It feels light on the skin and goes in so smooth. I love getting tan but being someone who is usually in front of the camera, keeping a healthy glow is important and this lotion helps me keep it that way. For my body, I use the Everyday Humans Oh My Bod! Similar to the face sunscreen, this lotion smells so good, goes smooth on the skin, and doesn't feel oily or tacky. The best part is, that it works! Of course, don't forget to reapply a few times during the day. 

I highly suggest everyone try and get these two Everyday Humans sunscreen lotions. You can find them exclusively at your local Target. And just like me, let's enjoy this summer season as much as we can because after all, the season is short but very joyful. Happy summer everyone!

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