July 29, 2022

Month Favorites #10

April, May, June & July 2022

It's been almost four months since my last Month's Favorites video and let me tell you, I have never tried so many new products in my life as I have in the last few months. From skincare to food, I have tried a bit of everything and today I'll be sharing my current top five favorites. 

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E.L.F Cosmetics Holy Hydration Face Cream - SPF 30, Everyday Humans Resting Beach Face & Oh My Bod! Sunscreen Lotions, Artnaturals Vitamin C Serum, Coach Men Wireless Earbud Case, Cirkul Water Bottle

1. E.L.F Cosmetics Holy Hydration Face Cream - SPF 30 - I talked about this product in my latest Month Favorites - Check it out here! When I was at the store looking for it I realized they have the same face cream but with SPF in it. Since the summer season was upon, I decided to try it. Normally when it comes to sunscreens, I'm very particular because they can sometimes be heavy on the skin and most of the time, leave you looking like a ghost. Plus, who doesn't love a product that has it all? I already love this product and now that it has SPF, has made my morning routine a lot faster and kept my skin protected without even worrying about if I put on SPF or not. 

2. Everyday Humans Resting Beach Face & Oh My Bod! Sunscreen Lotions - Talking about sunscreen lotions, though having SPF on my everyday skin lotion is great, sometimes it isn't enough. Especially when it comes to being outdoor under the sun for a long period of time. This summer I've been using these two sunscreen lotions when out at the beach or going for hikes. These two have been a lifesaver because the sun has been extra strong lately and has been keeping my face and body from burning. I got to protect my money maker which is my face. 

3. Artnaturals Vitamin C Serum - For the last two years, I've been using serums in my everyday skincare routine. But as time changes, so do our skin. While scrolling through Target, I came across this lovely serum and wanted to try it. The moment I first used it, it was love on the first try. This serum was absorbed into my skin like water and after a week of using it, my skin was glowing. Love this product so much that I'll be repurchasing it again. 

4. Coach Men Wireless Earbud Case - I will amid, I'm a picky shopper. This means when I go to a store or mall, things don't interest me too much. But that wasn't the case a few months back while I was in a coach store. One thing that caught my eye was this cute little wireless earbud case. This might sound silly, but honestly, I felt in love with this case that I couldn't resist buying it. Ever since I've been wearing it along my small bags and I even get asked about it when I'm out. 

5. Cirkul Water Bottle - After testing and reviewing this product, I continue using it because I actually did in fact end up liking it. For months now, I've been taking this water bottle everywhere with me. I like the feel of the bottle and of course the taste. Highly suggest trying this bottle if you're someone like me who gets bored of drinking plain water.

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