July 18, 2022

Sandy Sunsets

Catching a new style inspo! 

The best thing about the summer season is enjoying relaxing walks by the beach along the beautiful sunset. Thanks to Beotyshow, I can look as bright, comfortable & fashionable while doing so. Join me as I rethink my summer style along this refreshing beach walk.

Normally before each season starts, I like to have an idea about what my style is going to be but this year has flown by so quickly that I didn't come to a conclusion about my summer style till recently. My usual summer style is soft with prints and bright colors. Also normally, I like to keep my style clean and formal but lately, I've been vibing more towards a bohemian comfortable look.

Thanks to Beaotyshow, I was able to style this look and brighten my day by wearing the colors inspired by a beautiful sunset. This Beotyshow Lombardi Jacket in Mustard is actually really cute, super comfortable and the quality is great. This jacket kept me in good temperate throughout the evening because evenings by the beach can sometimes be very windy. I paired this mustard jacket with a pair of Casual Elastic Cotton Easy Shorts in the color orange. These shorts are heavenly soft and comfy. These two were the perfect combination for the bohemian beach-inspired style I was aiming for. 

After some consideration, the waves and the fresh wind inspired me to be freer in my style. It encouraged me really try to set off from the clean and formal style I normally go for, for a more casual and free look. Which surprisingly ain't easy to achieve but I know I can always count on Beotyshow to find the perfect items. Special thank you to Beaotyshow for sponsoring this post and please give them some love by checking them out. Thank you for reading and I'll catch up with you all in my next post! 

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