July 25, 2022


Scan, smile & share

Recently, I discovered Spokenote. I wasn't too sure of what it was at first, but after learning more about it and trying to incorporate it into my everyday life I am now obsessed. Spokenote has helped me visualize my life from a new perspective. Here are three different ways I use Spokenote in my everyday life.

Like many, I have a memory box. There, I like to store souvenirs from the places I've visited, photos from the special moments, and other items I hold special memories with. I use to Spokenote to help me remember these moments by attaching a video to each item in my memory box. This is a great and fun way to remember special moments while scrolling through the box. Makes each item more meaningful and personal.

Another way I like to use Spokenote is by adding reminders & "how to" videos around the house. For example, before I leave the house with my dog, I like to pack the necessary items for my dog. Not only do I do it for myself, but it is also a great way to share the information with everyone in my house who might also want to take my dog out. This is an easy way to keep me and others organized and inform.   

Lastly, Spokenote makes it easy to share personal video messages with anyone. Whether is someone's birthday or just want to send a cute message to someone. Spokenote makes it meaningful by helping you add a video message to a gift, card, or letter. 

What are you waiting for? Try Spokenote today and see why I'm currently obsessed with this new way of video barcoding. A special thank you to Spokenote for sponsoring this post & don't forget to use the code SHARE10 for 10% off. 

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